Trump Lawyer Van Der Veen: ‘We Demolished Their Case — They Were Like a Dying Animal That We Had Trapped in the Corner’

“Nothing really surprised me,” he said.

During an appearance on FNC’s “America’s News HQ” following former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial acquittal Trump’s defense attorney Michael Van Der Veen reacted to the U.S. Senate’s verdict, describing the events of the day before as being pivotal in his client’s victory.

“Nothing really surprised me,” he said. “What had happened was the day before, we demolished their case, and they were like a dying animal that we had trapped in the corner. And so, this morning, their last gaps were swinging out at us trying to save their case, and it didn’t work. So we were kind of expecting them to pull on something. There was a stipulation the night before. They pulled it out from under the rug at about ten minutes before we walked into the Senate chamber this morning. We’re, you know, we’re trial lawyers. We’re used to taking anything that comes our way. And we shift, pivot, adjust and move forward. And that’s exactly what we did.”

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