Hotel Casinos and Gaming Insurance

Hotel casinos and gaming facilities are, by nature, risky ventures. Our Hotel Casinos & Gaming Program services all types of casinos, including hotel-casinos, standalone casinos, and sovereign nation casinos. We recognize that these high-profile clients have unique coverage and risk management needs.

Casinos & Gaming Operations

Casinos and other companies operating in the gaming industry have unique exposures that require specialized knowledge and insurance products to address the risks associated with handling large volumes of money. Each day, a significant amount of cash and chips circulate between the employees, patrons, gaming machines and tables inside each casino, and this inherently makes these establishments prime targets for losses from both internal and external parties.  Although casinos typically have the highest levels of security and surveillance equipment available, the exposure for Employee Theft remains great due to the large quantities of cash that employees handle on a continuous basis. At the same time, casinos also have high exposure to loss from robbery and theft within the premises from outside sources.

American Special Risk has focused on Fidelity and Crime insurance for well over a decade, and our expertise in the area of insuring high value articles, such as precious metals and cash, enables us to develop unique and tailored coverages for a wide array of companies operating in the gaming industry.  We work closely with insurance markets that are ingrained in these industries along with leading risk management experts so that we can provide insureds with the best advice and coverage for each individual location and situation.