Biker Gets Revenge On Rival Who Deliberately Crashed Into Him

Biker Gets Revenge On Rival Who Deliberately Crashed Into Him

Biker gets revenge

Karma is a straight up b-word, it only comes for those who deserve it. It has a particular knack for dishing out retribution towards cheats and those who display poor sportsmanship.

Just ask this malicious motorbike racer who got what was coming to him after he intentionally took out another competitor in their race. Look, I have no problem with winning at any costs but this guy took it a step too far.

However, his opponent paid him back in kindness when he sabotaged his race towards the end.

Some people will do anything to win, no matter the cost, and if people don’t like them for it – so be it. You think athletes like Michael Jordan, Cristiano Ronaldo and Floyd Mayweather got to the top of the mountain by being nice and courteous? Hell no, when they’re in their competitive element they’re the most unlikeable people on the planet.

It’s probably the same competitive mindset the motorbike racer in the green jacket had when he elbowed another racer, causing him to violently crash into the barricade, which separates the spectators and the track, then falling violently on the pavement. The incident took place in November 2017, during the East Java Series V Championship Road Race in Bondowoso, Indonesia.

My first thought was ‘Damn, this guy has been playing way too much Road Rash‘. I realise there are many of you asking ‘What the hell is Road Rash?’. It is not a bad skin allergy you pick up when you’re hitchhiking.

Motorbike racer knocks opponent off of bikeNewsflare

It’s an old 16-bit video game on the Sega Megadrive, quite popular actually. The premise was to win an illegal motorbike race by any means necessary, which means you could kick, punch and hit your opponents with a baseball bat – all in the name of victory.

While this particular racer didn’t have a baseball bat, he did have elbows to throw and when he used it on the poor unfortunate racer who got too near to him he sent him crashing out of the race, literally. He’s lucky he didn’t kill him.

His fallen opponent wasn’t going to let him get away with it though.

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but in this case, it’s best served with a white bag of sand. After being cheated out of the race and put in mortal danger, the disgruntled motorbike racer bided his time and waited till the racer in green came back around for another lap.

As he was coming towards him he threw the white sandbag underneath his bike to send him crashing out of the race too. It’s fair to say he received a taste of his own medicine. Can’t say he didn’t deserve it either. Unsurprisingly ‘both racers were immediately disqualified from the championship’, as reported by one of the racing organisers.

Motorbike racer gets revenge on opponent who knocked him out of raceNewsflare

I hope the racer in the green learnt his lesson in being a good sportsman. He was lucky the other racer survived the collision. Because if he didn’t he would’ve been looking at a manslaughter charge at the very least.

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